10 Best PuTTY Alternatives for SSH Remote Connection (2023)

Brief: In this tutorial, we explore 10 of the best PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients.

Putty is one of the most popular and widely-used SSH and Telnet clients that allows users to log in to remote devices such as servers and network devices such as routers and switches. It is a user-friendly Linux terminal emulator that provides a simple and intuitive user interface that makes establishing remote connections easy.

Putty was initially developed for Windows OS but, over time, has been made available for Linux and macOS other UNIX systems. And While it does a pretty good job of allowing remote connections, it comes with its own set of limitations. It might fall short of meeting your SSH requirements or even lack the standard you need as an SSH client.

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Thankfully, there are other feature-rich and solid SSH clients that can streamline your remote connections. In this guide, we explore 10 of the best Putty alternatives for SSH clients.

Here’s a detailed review of these alternatives, their features, plus the good and bad of using each SSH client software.

1. MobaXterm – X Server and SSH Client

MobaXterm is one of the best PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients. It is a feature-rich and all-in-one toolbox for establishing remote connections.

In one window, MobaXterm provides a myriad of features and tools tailored for system and network administrators, developers, engineers, and pretty much everyone who is working remotely.

(Video) Best Putty Alternative : Termius SSH Client for Mac, Windows & Linux

It offers an assortment of remote network tools including SSH, FTP, RDP, X11, VNC, FTP, SFTP and so much more. It also provides an intuitive interface for you to efficiently access remote devices via different protocols and systems.

MobaXterm Key Features:

  • Remote desktop connectivity.
  • Remote terminal connections with SSH, rLogin, Telnet, and Mosh.
  • Plugin support and customization.
  • Limited SSH tunnels plus session.

2. KiTTY – Telnet / SSH Client

The KiTTY application is yet another free SSH & Telnet client, which is a fork of PuTTY and borrows many of the features that PuTTY provides with extra features for improved functionality.

For starters, KiTTY runs on Windows and MACs but can also access Linux, Unix, and MAC OS devices. The application also offers a similar user interface and experience as PuTTY, so those familiar with it are in luck.

KiTTY Key Features:

  • Built-in chat and help system.
  • Built-in text editor with a shortcut.
  • Allows command customization and automation.
  • Auto-save capabilities for sessions.
  • ZModem support and integration.

3. mRemoteNG – Multi-Remote Connection Manager

mRemoteNG is one of the best open-source PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients, which is a fork of mRemote and offers a wide array of features for making remote connections.

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Each application under this system has a multi-focus, with the mRemoteNG offering multi-tab plus multi-protocol features. It supports multiple remote sessions underpinned by a tabbed interface.

(Video) 3 Best Free SSH Clients for Windows 10

mRemoteNG Key Features:

  • Integration of multiple connection protocols, including SSH, Telnet, rLogin, RAW, and HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Support remote desktop connectivity with RDP, VNC, and ICA (Citrix Independent Computer Architecture).
  • Allows use of undocking panels.

4. Tabby – Customizable Modern Terminal

Tabby is yet another formidable and reliable alternative to PuTTY, which is a highly customizable and cross-platform terminal emulator for SSH, Telnet, local shells, and Serial connections.

The application can manage SSH connections at its core while allowing a tabbed but minimalist interface. Another nifty feature is the ability of Tabby to convert SSH connection into SFTP file browsing.

Tabby Key Features:

  • CLI (Command line interface) support.
  • Tab persistence on Linux or macOS.
  • Integrated SSH client with support for a connection manager.
  • USB-portable without prior installation necessary.
  • Support for multiple servers and file transfer protocols such as SFTP plus Zmodem.

5. Xshell 7 – Powerful SSH Client

Xshell 7 is another great PuTTY alternative for connecting multiple protocols in a tabbed environment. The PuTTY alternative also ranks as an advanced option thanks to the application providing unique features such as audio alerts, highlighting sets, and custom key mappings.

Xshell 7 also comes in handy for those looking to use an advanced tabbed environment, next-level programming scripting, and dual font support for ASCII plus non-ASCII characters.

Xshell 7 Key Features:

  • Supports multiple sessions with a tabbed interface.
  • SSH tunneling and dynamic port forwarding.
  • Intuitive tabbed interface.
  • Advanced customizations such as terminal look-and-feel, logging, etc.
  • Support for Programming languages such as Python, Java, and VB.

6. SuperPUTTY – Graphical SSH Client

SuperPuTTY requires you to install the original PuTTY for the application to install and run. Besides that, the SuperPuTTY is an advanced PuTTY version with secure SSH connection protection with SCP and SFTP file transfers.

(Video) PuTTY Alternative For Windows

Its interface allows for multiple sessions where each connection can run simultaneously, thanks to its tabbed environment. Terminal protocols on offer are also plenty, with SSH, Telnet, rLogin, and RAW available. The SSH option is best for use since it secures connection using encryption and user authentication.

SuperPUTTY Key Features:

  • Customizable user interface with multiple tab options.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Supports basic programming scripting for Python, Javascript, etc.
  • Multiple protocol support with SSH, rLogin, Telnet, RAW, SFTP, and SCP.

7. WinSCP – FTP and SFTP Client

The WinSCP is a Windows-based file transfer utility allowing free connecting and transfer of files remotely between Windows and Linux devices. The utility tool is an open-source product using the exclusive SCP protocol.

Other features with the WinSCP also include SSH-protected remote access, multiple protocol use (FTP, SFTP), and WebDAV implementations. Not forgetting, this tool also comes with a remote command facility within its system.

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WinSCP Key Features:

  • Secure file transfers under SCP plus SFTP protocols.
  • Remote command facility.
  • Secure remote access with SSH protection.
  • Supports WebDAV capabilities.

8. Solar-PUTTY – Free SSH Client

Another PuTTY alternative on Windows is SolarWinds’ – Solar-PuTTY, which is a free-to-use license tool that offers secure SSH connections alongside an integrated file transfer mechanism relying on SFTP plus SCP.

As with PuTTY, Solar-PUTTY can be useful for remote login into your computer and transferring files between the devices. Solar-PuTTY also implements the Telnet systems under its secure terminal emulator capabilities. The interface saves the credentials allowing you to log in automatically and securely connect.

(Video) KiTTY -SSH Client for Windows

Solar-PUTTY Key Features:

  • Complete automation for login and reconnection options.
  • Supports post-connection scripting.
  • A customizable user interface.
  • Autosave credentials on multiple servers.

9. ZOC – SSH Client and Terminal Emulator

ZOC is an SSH client and terminal emulator for Windows and macOS. It provides a user-friendly UI that allows users to easily use multiple protocols for remote connections including SCP secure file transfer.

ZOC also utilizes powerful scripting capabilities, allowing users to program full automation of processes. From this, one can program ZOC to automate tasks such as file transfer or information searches on remote systems. Multiple standards can also work with the ZOC emulator, including the likes of xterm, TN3270, Wyse, or the TN5250 standards.

Zoc Key Features:

  • Supports command scripting.
  • Secure SSH connections.
  • Multiple running session capabilities.
  • Secure SCP file transfers.
  • Operates as a complete terminal plus text editor.

10. SmarTTY – Multi-tabbed SSH Client

SmarTTY is also an open-sourced SSH-based terminal emulator running a secure SCP file transfer system. The Windows-based alternative also features a text editor, an embedded file editor, and a hexadecimal terminal for monitoring ports.

SmarTTY’s unique tabbing option adds to these useful features by placing the tab space along the left and bottom screen rather than arraying them on top of the display panel. SmarTTY’s file transfer systems are even better, which are straightforward and simple enough to allow whole directory transfers between devices.

SmarTTY Key Features:

  • Supports multiple sessions.
  • SSH-based terminal capability.
  • Multiple File transfer protocols – SCP, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem.
  • Emulations: xterm, VT220, TN3270, TN5250, Wyse, QNX,.
  • Multiple tab support.
  • Secure SCP file transfer and connection.

Our list above is by no means exhaustive but only sought to pick the 10 best PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients. Of course, there are plenty of other options, but with these ten, you get more value than anything else.

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Is there something better than PuTTY? ›

There are more than 100 alternatives to PuTTY for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. The best alternative is OpenSSH, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like PuTTY are KiTTY, MobaXterm, Tabby Terminal and mRemoteNG.

Is KiTTY better than PuTTY? ›

The KiTTY application is a fork of PuTTY, as such, it is coded on the same foundations of PuTTY. In simple words, KiTTY is a better version of PuTTY that not only has all the features that PuTTY has but offers many more.

Which is better PuTTY or MobaXTerm? ›

Reviewers felt that MobaXTerm meets the needs of their business better than PuTTY. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that MobaXTerm is the preferred option.

What is similar to putty in Linux? ›

Other interesting open source Linux alternatives to PuTTY are Tabby Terminal, PowerShell, Tilix and Muon SSH/SFTP client (formerly Snowflake). PuTTY alternatives are mainly Terminal Emulators but may also be SSH Clients or Shells.

What is the difference between putty and SuperPutty? ›

While PuTTY as a standalone software is highly advanced and does do most of the functions, SuperPutty makes the user experience more aesthetic by making it easy to save sessions and offer effortless tab management feature. You can check the other putty alternative software here.

Is putty used by hackers? ›

North Korean hackers are using trojanized versions of the PuTTY SSH client to deploy backdoors on targets' devices as part of a fake Amazon job assessment. A novel element in this campaign is the use of a trojanized version of the PuTTY and KiTTY SSH utility to deploy a backdoor, which in this case, is 'AIRDRY. V2'.

Is putty still used? ›

The putty is a basic component of a plumber's toolkit and is often used when replacing plumbing fixtures. Plumber's putty formulations vary but commonly include powdered clay and linseed oil.

Which is better SecureCRT or solar putty? ›

SecureCRT is considered more secured than Putty as it involves some strong encryption patterns when compared to Putty. Putty is not considered as much secured as SecureCRT although it also supports for many encryption patterns to maintain security. SecureCRT has a lot of options and features when compared to Putty.

Why is PuTTY so popular? ›

PuTTY is an alternative to telnet clients. Its primary advantage is that SSH provides a secure, encrypted connection to the remote system. It's also small and self-contained and can be carried around on a floppy disk. This makes it ideal for accessing Sussex systems securely from other locations on the public Internet.

What is SmarTTY? ›

SmarTTY is a free multi-tabbed SSH client that supports copying files and directories with SCP on-the-fly and editing files in-place. New in version 3.0: Smart Terminal with auto-completion, file panel, package management GUI and more.

Is Solar PuTTY free? ›

SolarWinds® Solar-PuTTY is a standalone free terminal emulator and network file transfer tool based on the well-known PuTTY for Windows®. It supports a wide range of network protocols, including SSH, Telnet, SCP, or SFTP.

Is there a better SSH client than PuTTY? ›

mRemoteNG is one of the best open-source PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients, which is a fork of mRemote and offers a wide array of features for making remote connections. Each application under this system has a multi-focus, with the mRemoteNG offering multi-tab plus multi-protocol features.

Is there anything better than SSH? ›

There are alternatives to SSH for remote access. Telnet is an old method that lacks security but still has some uses. Mosh makes SSH connections more reliable over wireless connections and VPN offers access to intranet resources remotely with less need for technical knowledge.

Which is better OpenSSH or PuTTY? ›

OpenSSH is the de facto standard implementation of the SSH protocol. If PuTTY and OpenSSH differ, PuTTY is the one that's incompatible. If you generate a key with OpenSSH using ssh-keygen with the default options, it will work with virtually every server out there.

What is the difference between PuTTY and Plink? ›

Plink stands for PuTTY Link. Plink is a companion command-line utility for PuTTY. On a very high-level: Use PuTTY for interactive SSH session from your Windows to Linux Servers.

Is PuTTY the same as FileZilla? ›

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found them equally easy to use. However, PuTTY is easier to set up and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with PuTTY overall. Reviewers felt that FileZilla meets the needs of their business better than PuTTY.

What is the difference between PuTTY and MTPuTTY? ›

Multi-Tabbed PuTTY

So if you need e.g. 5 active connections you run 5 PuTTY instances and you have 5 PuTTY windows on the desktop. MTPuTTY (Multi-Tabbed PuTTY) is a small *FREE* utility enabling you to wrap unlimited number of PuTTY applications in one tabbed GUI interface.

Is PowerShell same as PuTTY? ›

PowerShell is a shell environment for windows. Putty is a terminal emulator, mostly used for SSH and Telnet. Perhaps you are reffering to Cygwin, which is a Linux "emulator" which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows..

What is the difference between PuTTY and Lambi? ›

Putty is a mixture of cement and sand. The cement used for lambi putty is white cement and consists calcium carbonate sand.

What program do most hackers use? ›

Some of the most famous hacking tools in the market are Nmap (Network Mapper), Nessus, Nikto, Kismet, NetStumbler, Acunetix, Netsparker, and Intruder, Nmap, Metasploit, Aircrack-Ng, etc.

Can I use PuTTY as VPN? ›

Open a putty session and configure it to act as a tunnel. From this session connect to your default SSH server at home. Open another putty session and configure it use the previous putty session as proxy. SSH connect to any machine at home using the local subnet IP address.

What platform do hackers use? ›

C++ is one of the go-to C languages for hackers because it helps them gain low-level access to hardware and processes.

How many years does PuTTY last? ›

Usually, the shelf life of wall putty is 6 months but it is always better to check out the Expiry and Manufacturing date. It is necessary to ensure that the product you are buying is at the stage of its full effectiveness.

What is WinSCP and PuTTY? ›

PuTTY is a terminal emulator that has SSH support. WinSCP is a Windows GUI for secure file transfer that has SFTP support.

Does Windows 10 have PuTTY? ›

On Windows 10, scroll down until you see "PuTTY". Open the group, and select "PuTTY". When the software starts, you should get a window with the title "PuTTY Configuration" with a field Host Name in the upper middle part. Try entering a host name to connect to in that field, and click Open.

Can SecureCRT do RDP? ›

Built-in RDP Support in SecureCRT 9.0 for Windows

"Now you can consolidate network connections right in SecureCRT and quickly connect RDP sessions in a tab."

Is there anything better than SecureCRT? ›

The best alternative is PuTTY, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like SecureCRT are mRemoteNG, OpenSSH, MobaXterm and Termux. SecureCRT alternatives are mainly Terminal Emulators but may also be SSH Clients or Remote Desktop Tools.

Is SecureCRT free? ›

Download SecureCRT for a free 30-day evaluation.

Which brand is best for PuTTY? ›

Known as the best wall putty for home, Perlcon's Maskaputty is perfect for the new generation as a contemporary wall putty. From its name only, Perlcon promises a 'maska' smooth finishing of walls. Maskaputty is so popular because of its micronized particles, which lighter than other wall putties.

What is the difference between Telnet and PuTTY? ›

PuTTY is an application (mainly an SSH and Telnet client), Telnet is a communication protocol. Telnet is also the name of an application that uses the telnet protocol, so they are both programs which is probably what the OP was asking about.

What is solar PuTTY used for? ›

Solar-PuTTY allows you to import and export your sessions to use on multiple computers. And with a secure FTP connection, you can move files safely between locations. With Solar-PuTTY, you can search for saved sessions directly from your Windows® desktop, even if the application is not running.

Does SolarWinds have a free version? ›

ipMonitor® Free Edition is a standalone free tool built to deliver essential availability and performance monitoring for small environments—providing up to 50 moni- tors.

What is solar PuTTY GNS3? ›

GNS3 uses Solar-PuTTY as the default console terminal in Windows* (see note), and will attempt to use the default system terminal in other operating systems (gnome-terminal, for example, in vanilla Ubuntu).

Which SSH client is best? ›

The Best SSH Client And Connection Managers 2021
  • Solar-PuTTY – FREE TOOL. Developed by the popular vendor SolarWinds, Solar-PuTTY is a free SSH client. ...
  • PuTTY. PuTTY is a client program for SSH that allows you to run secure remote sessions over a network. ...
  • WinSCP. ...
  • Bitvise. ...
  • SecureCRT. ...
  • AbsoluteTelnet. ...
  • DropBear. ...
  • Termius.
Oct 4, 2022

What is the best SSH client for Linux? ›

  1. PuTTY – SSH and Telnet Client. ...
  2. SolarWinds PuTTY – Terminal Emulation Client. ...
  3. MobaXterm – Tabbed SSH Client. ...
  4. Remmina – Remote Desktop Client. ...
  5. Secure CRT – SSH and Telnet Client. ...
  6. Termius – SSH Client and Terminal. ...
  7. Kitty – Terminal Emulator. ...
  8. OpenSSH – Remote Connectivity Tool.
Dec 21, 2022

What is more secure than SSH? ›

The key difference between SSH vs SSL is that SSH is used for creating a secure tunnel to another computer from which you can issue commands, transfer data, etc. On the other end, SSL is used for securely transferring data between two parties – it does not let you issue commands as you can with SSH.

Do hackers use SSH? ›

SSH does more than enable remote login sessions, however, especially for security professionals and network engineers. SSH can secure pipelines using public key cryptography to enable any kind of network traffic -- but SSH is also an important cybersecurity tool, used both by security professionals and hackers.

How do you make homemade putty? ›

Mix 1 part liquid starch to 2 parts glue. Whatever amount of liquid starch you use, double that amount for the glue. We used 1/4 cup of starch and 1/2 cup of glue, which made 2 large balls of silly putty.

Can I use something other than plumbers putty? ›

And unlike plumbers putty, silicone caulk will work on virtually any material. That includes metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and even plastics. So if you're looking for an easy way to seal up those little nooks and crannies in your home, silicone caulk is definitely the right choice.

What is better than wall putty? ›

On the other hand, wall care putty is made out of white cement, like White Portland Cement.
Which One Is Better, POP, or Wall Putty?
ParticularsPlaster of Paris (POP)Wall Care Putty
StrengthLow on strengthBeing cement-based, it has good tensile adhesion, compressive strength
DurabilityLess DurableHighly durable
Port Life10-12mints10 – 45mints
5 more rows

Can I use caulk instead of putty? ›

Other uses for caulk include hiding gaps in woodwork and filling long, narrow cracks in ceilings and walls. If it's a hole or a scratch, use putty to match — but if it's a long, open seam where water can leak, just lay in a bead of waterproof caulk like silicone.

What is Silly Putty used for? ›

In addition to its success as a toy, other uses for the putty have been found. In the home, it can be used to remove substances such as dirt, lint, pet hair, or ink from various surfaces. The material's unique properties have found niche use in medical and scientific applications.

What is the main ingredient in putty? ›

Putty, or lime putty, is made from a mixture of calcium oxide (CaO) and water (H2O) in proportions of 38% and 62% by weight respectively, as result, the solution forms hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) which takes up about a half of the weight.

How does Silly Putty work? ›

How does Silly Putty work? Silly Putty is a polymer made from silicone oil and boric acid. A polymer is a chain of molecules that are all tangled up. Silly Putty has flexible molecules that, when smooched by fingers, slide over each other and cause the material to flow.

Why not use plumbers putty? ›

Plumber's putty should not be used on plastics (PVC or ABS) because it will affect the integrity of the material and lead to product failure.

Can Flex Seal be used instead of plumbers putty? ›

You can use flex seal on plumbing just as you could with many products. It shows promise in repairing some types of leaks, but not all. I consider using Flex Seal or similar products a quick or temporary fix. Once you get thru the emergency though, fix the problem permanently.

What is the difference between plumbers putty and silicone? ›

The key difference between the two is the material compound. Plumber's putty is soft sealing material and that means it won't harden over time, making it easy to disassemble or remove after several years. Silicone on the other hand, dries up and hardens over time, making it difficult to remove or work with again.

What is wall putty called in USA? ›

Wall putty is a generic term. P.O.P is named so because it is derived mostly from Paris and invented in Egypt. Types of wall putty are coarse putty and fine putty. P.O.P comes in types like Gypsum, cement plaster and lime plaster.

What is the difference between putty or pop? ›

Pop is used for wall finish, castings and making decorative features. Whereas wall putty is used for smoothening the walls and ceiling by filling the cracks and pores.

Can you use silicone instead of putty? ›

Both plumbers putty vs caulk silicone are sealing compounds. They're both designed to create a watertight fit for drains, fittings, showers, sinks strainers, and more. While plumbers putty is more traditional, silicone caulk is a great modern alternative. Either is acceptable for fixing a drain.

What is better than caulking? ›

In general, sealant is the prefered sealing solution for bathtubs and showers, as it is more water resistant than traditional caulk. Silicone sealant forms a watertight seal that is resistant to heavy temperature changes.

When should you not use caulking? ›

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