3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews 2022 - CMUSE (2023)

There are lots of reliable and quality brands that manufacture some of the greatest clarinets on sale today. However, in this article, we are limiting our reviews to some of the best models from a reliable brand—Jean Paul USA.

A manufacturer with a unique touch

Jean Paul is a household name when it comes to wind instruments. Their line of clarinets excels wonderfully especially in the beginner categories. From Bb clarinets to C clarinets, Jean-Paul has something for everyone that finds his or herself in the student or beginner category.

Why trust Jean Paul Clarinets?

Buying a clarinet shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do, provided you know what you’re after. When shopping for a Jean Paul USA clarinet, consider the durability of the model you’re buying. Now, this means you will have to consider the material used in designing the product.

A wooden clarinet will certainly not be for beginners, as it would be too delicate to withstand rough handling by your inexperience child. ABS plastic and ebonite bodied clarinets should always come first—this is the reason why so many clarinet players trust Jean Paul’s’ models. They are hard, tough and durable. They withstand extreme temperature and humidity without losing their toner range and vibrancy.

Quality is another reason why Jean Paul’s wind instrument sells like the Holy Bible. Jean Paul’s clarinets employ good quality in designing their instruments. Majority of their clarinets are resistant to water, cracks, and scratches while boasting a bore that renders the best in a variety of tones and outstanding projection.

Heard enough? Here are three Jean Paul USA Clarinets that make up the best in the marketplace.

3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews

1) Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

If there is any clarinet on the market that works best for beginners and professionals as well, it is the Jean Paul USA CL-300 student clarinet. The clarinet is famous with a number of clarinet players for many reasons. First, the Jean Paul 300 features a lot of accessories that effectively make the product a good investment for the morning.

So what makes the CL-300 clarinet great? Let’s see.

The CL-300 from Jean Paul is a student clarinet choice that features an ebonite and nickel-plated design. The ebonite—super hard plastic construction means it will take the combined power of David and Goliath to break this clarinet (pardon my pun). Unlike its wooden clarinet peers, the CL-300 body construction makes it resistant to temperature changes and humidity.

The Jean Paul CL-300 boasts an even weight distribution across all spheres of the instrument. Jean-Paul also included a Boehm 17 key system that enables users to enjoy a wide variety of musical tones. The key system is something every other clarinet should aspire to have. You can enjoy the best in fitness and comfort as a result of the cylindrical bore that comes with it.

Presently, the CL-300 is one of the most reliable wind instruments for beginners in the market. It comes with a carrying case that allows you to move this instrument from one place to another. The included gloves allow you to handle the instrument with care and considering that this is Bb clarinet, you can be sure to get the best in playability.

There is hardly a better and easy playing clarinet in the market than the Jean Paul CL-300. Like the rest of Jean Paul’s clarinets, this one also features its own mouthpiece, professional Rico reeds and a neck strap for comfortable playing.

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2) Jean Paul CL-400 Intermediate Clarinet

3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews 2022 - CMUSE (3)

3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews 2022 - CMUSE (4)

Now, the CL-400 is a substantial upgrade offered by the company for those who have tasted the qualities of the CL-300 student clarinet. This model features a durable ABS plastic construction. The keys are silver plated in design, which combines effectively with the plastic body and provide a lively intonation and sound that reassures the playing comfort and taste of the student player.

The silver-plated keys also provide a robust appearance for the clarinet while allowing the player to maximize the quality of the sound it projects. Another great feature that accompanies this CL-400 is the Bari mouthpiece, which combines effectively with the Rico H Ligature to produce a wider and richer range of excellent tones.

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Jean-Paul continues with the upgrade by including a professional carrying case which enables you to move the instrument from one location to another without any difficulty. The case also makes sure your instrument is safe from scratches and temperature damages when not in use or during traveling. Thanks for the water-resistant nature of the case; the CL-400 is a remarkable upgrade for any student looking to have something better than the Jean Paul USA CL-300 student beginner clarinet.

The case outer shell layer consists of a nylon design which ensures that water doesn’t get into the case and damage the clarinet inside. It features double handles for easy transportation. A cap and professional Rico reed are also provided for further maintenance of the clarinet.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for an affordable and advanced sound projection, the CL-400 is what you should get. The clarinet plays wonderfully, and every part of it is well made. It is the right clarinet for players looking to advance to another level.

3) Jean Paul CL-700CM Clarinet

3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews 2022 - CMUSE (5)

3 Best Jean Paul Clarinet Reviews 2022 - CMUSE (6)

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The CL-700CM clarinet is yet an improvement on Jean Paul’s line of student clarinets. It comes with a CMS-1 music stand that enables you to place and secure your clarinet in place as you play. The CL-700C is designed to play in the key of Bb, and the quality it comes with is tried and tested before its sales as a reliable clarinet. Jean-Paul also features the ebonite body construction that’s famous with a host of its clarinets.

One thing that makes this model outstanding is its graceful bell that has the shape of a barrel. This design allows the CL-700CM to generate a surprisingly outstanding and professional sound that will make even the most ardent critic have a second thought. There is also the famous Jean Paul’s mouthpiece customized to suit the needs of players who love to use the company’s clarinets.

It is one thing buying the best clarinet but another taking proper care of it. The Jean Paul CL-700CM clarinet comes with a Rico Reed, a cork grease and cleaning cloth which allows you to reach deep and keep the instrument clean and in good working condition at all times.

However, the real deal about the CL-700CM is the consistency it offers, which supersedes any other levels form its competitors. The music stand is foldable, and you can quickly take it down and store away when not in use. Setting up the instrument for play is like a breeze.

Jean Paul created the CL-700CM to be very strong and can survive rough and extensive assemblies by your kids. When you have a good customer care service at your convenience each and any time you called, plus a 1-year warranty attached to this model, you know you are in for a treat from one of the best clarinets for beginners and intermediate players.

Choosing the Best Jean Paul Clarinets

Is your daughter in the sixth grade? Do you have a son in the marching orchestra band? Jean-Paul offers you some of the most reliable clarinets for beginners and intermediate players. Their clarinets are versatile, lasting and result-oriented. Jean Paul’s line of beginner’s instruments is the type that your music instructor will instantly fall in love with and recommend same to others in your class or band.

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All Jean Paul’s clarinets are taken through a unique and trustworthy vulcanized process to create a one-of-a-kind shell and look. The sounds they produce is even more remarkable and compete better than a host of other top brands on the market.

They come with highly responsive keys with an excellent bore that provides an amazing range in tone. If you are looking for the best for your child or loved one to practice on or used in musical school, any of the above mentioned Jean Paul clarinets will do the magic.


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