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"The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colours in your mind." - Maria Cristina Mena.

Many people in Canada are interested in learning to play the piano or keyboard, but they may struggle to find the right way to do it or how to begin.

Playing the piano can be so much fun and personally rewarding. If you dream of learning how to play the piano, here's some helpful advice on getting private tutoring and findinga piano teacher to begin to pursue your dream of becoming a great pianist!

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The Cost of Piano Lessons: Some things to take into Account

Many Canadians enjoy playing the piano. Whether they play on a grand piano, electric or digital piano, or an upright, pianos are much more accessible than they were in the past.

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How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada? | Superprof (50)

There are many digital or electric pianos for all budgets, which allow the budding pianist to get started with beginner piano lessons.

In addition to buying the instrument itself, you will also need to consider the cost of learning how to play it. Piano lessons will include music theory which is essential to understanding the instrument. However, you can find piano tutors who use piano tablature (by the keys) to teach you, but it's more common and recommended to learn how to read sheet music.

While some students choose to take lessons at a school or a conservatory of music, others prefer to learn music and take classes from the comfort of their own homes.

Private piano lessons will allow you to go at your own pace without travelling. This option is particularly convenient if you have kids. However, it's important to remember that it's much better to entirely focus on playing the piano without distractions if you want to progress.

The price of piano lessons will vary according to several criteria.

The type of the lesson affects the cost of the class. Private tutors offer a variety of different kinds of lessons:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Intensive lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Occasional lessons
  • Etc.

Some tutors may also charge an additional fee for their travel costs to your home lessons.

To show you how the price of private piano lessons can vary, here are a few of the criteria.

Piano Lesson: Prices Vary According to Location

You may see various rates depending on the town or city.

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Piano lessons tend to be more expensive in Toronto than elsewhere in Canada. However, there are more tutors to choose from in the capital than in the more remote countryside.

In Toronto, the average cost of piano tutorials is $41 per hour. This, of course, may also vary according to exactly where, in Toronto or its suburban area that you live.

Other towns and cities around Canada may be cheaper than the capital. However, some cost more, like the city of Vancouver, where the price of a lesson average is $44 an hour. Whereas, in Halifax or Winnipeg, the cost for piano lessons averages at $38 an hour.


Piano lessons can also cost more than other musical instruments depending on the city.

InstrumentAverage Cost
Acoustic Guitar£25
Electric Guitar£27

Since these are average rates or prices, it's prudent to shop around to see if you'll be able to find cheaper rates. You can also search for online piano lessons, allowing you to find tutors from anywhere!

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What You Should Know Before You Start Piano Lessons

The piano is a versatile instrument. Therefore, if you or your child wants to learn the piano, you need to approach it methodically. If you can get proper guidance from a professional piano instructor, it would help you avoid many costly mistakes and even save on piano learning costs too.

Aside from costs, there are so many things you ought to know about playing the piano to make your learning effortless. We have compiled a few of them. It would be best if you knew them before your first piano lesson.

Buy a piano

Forget about what you might have heard about the piano not being a necessary instrument. You will need to get one if you must practice effortlessly and independently. However, you don't need to get an expensive piano, depending on your budget.

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How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada? | Superprof (52)

If you don't have enough space in your home, consider purchasing a digital piano instead.

Be committed and dedicated.

You need to commit your time and stay dedicated while learning the piano. Your efforts will pay off when you begin to master the keys and gain enough confidence to play before others.

Create a schedule

It's only through regular practice that you can achieve great dexterity with your fingers. In addition, as you practice regularly, your overall sound will improve drastically. Just as with any other skill, the more you practice, the faster you learn.

It would help if you had a great teacher

If you want to learn the piano professionally, you need a tutor. This is not negotiable. You need to research and find a great piano teacher who can effortlessly help you meet your goals. A good teacher knows when you face challenges with your piano lessons and the best way to help you avoid them.

The piano teachers on Superprof are distinguished performers and have many unique teaching skills under their belt.

How to Get the Best Deal on Piano Lessons

If you are serious about learning the piano, you want the best deal and desire the best quality lessons for yourself or your child.

It's possible to get the best piano lessons for less on Superprof. The majority of the piano instructors on Superprof offer affordable piano lessons starting from$15 per hour. You are free to peruse the tutors' profiles to find the one that provides piano tutorials that align with your needs.

When you eventually find the tutor you plan to hire, you could engage them in a chat and propose a discount based on the time you plan to hire them.

The majority of the tutors offer tutoring packages. For instance, you could get $5 off the fees per hour if you buy a bundle of 20 hours or more. So, it's easy to find this kind of teacher on the platform if you are looking to learn the piano from beginner to advance level, which requires more than 20 hours of regular practice.

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How Much Should You Spend Hiring a Teacher For Piano Classes in Canada?

This could be a puzzle, especially if you are hoping to create a budget and forecast your expenses for piano lessons before they commence.

The fact is that there is no fixed price for piano lessons. Therefore, the amount you will spend to hire a teacher in Canada will vary depending on many factors, which include:

  • Where they live

Generally, tutors that teach in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver charge up to$50 per hour for their services. At the same time, those who teach in remote regions of the country may charge less than $25 per hour due to lower standards and living costs.

  • Expertise level

The majority of piano tutors charge based on their knowledge about the piano. Therefore, a piano teacher with decades of experience in music under his belt may want to command higher prices for his services than a tutor who started his tutoring journey a month ago.

  • Qualification

Most tutors have first and second degrees in music studies. Some even have piano studies as their speciality. Therefore, it's normal for them to charge high rates for their mentorship.

So how much should you spend on tuition for piano lessons?

We recommend you consider the options above and see which one directly affects your piano teacher costs. If you live in a big city like Vancouver, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy affordable lessons. Even if the rates for piano classes are relatively high, you can still find some piano instructors with average rates.

Alternatively, you could opt for online piano lessons, which are relatively cheaper than private piano tutorials.

In Search of a Private Piano Tutor

However, if you choose to find your ideal piano tutor, you will find several potential candidates.

You can search for where to take piano lessons in Calgary here

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada? | Superprof (102)

Piano teachers come with varying music education and experiences. For example, some tutors have many more years of experience as music tutors, while others may just have begun. Tutors will therefore charge varying rates depending on these criteria.

Whatever reason you're learning to play (piano, banjo, electric guitar, cello, flute, etc.), various tutors or teachers are available with different skills offered to teach. Depending on their experience and qualifications, these considerations drastically affect the prices charged.

A self-taught student who learned to play the piano through the year probably won't charge as much as a music tutor who has been formally educated at a prestigious music school.

Also, just a few years of experience can affect the rates of a private tutor, sometimes by over $10 per hour.

What type of piano tutor should you finally choose? Of course, that would depend on your goals and expectations!

If you want to become a professional piano player and start teaching others to play one day, you'llprobably want to opt for a highly experienced music tutor.

On the other hand, if you're learning to play the piano just for fun, a highly professionally experienced piano tutor isn't necessarily essential. Instead, you could opt for and benefit from a proficient tutor who may just be starting but charges much less per hour.

The Price of Piano Lessons Varies by Level

Piano lessons are taught according to each student's individual needs. For example, teaching advanced techniques to experienced pianists is much more intensive and complicated than introducing a new student to the piano basics. Therefore piano lessons for beginners tend to be cheaper than those for advanced students.

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada? | Superprof (103)

The higher the student's level of piano, the more time a teacher will need to organise, plan and prepare their more intensive and complex tutorials. Preparation and planning, therefore, can affect the cost of a tutorial.

To begin playing the piano and learning how to read music also takes some time but takes less time than teaching a student how to play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

The music style (jazz, classical, contemporary or pop, rock, etc.) can also affect the cost of a one hour lesson. In addition, there are certain styles of piano musicality that can be much harder to find tutors for, which can also affect cost.

Define and describe your objectives in learning to play the piano with the help of a potential tutor at your current level, so you can be sure to pick the best tutor for you. But, most importantly, even if you're a beginner, don't forget to enjoy playing the piano! Enjoy playing the piano; it's as equally important as putting effort into learning it.

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Saving Money on Piano Tutorials

Although there are a lot of advantages to learning how to play the piano with a private tutor, there are still other ways in which you can save money.

Group lessons are an option that can save you money. Some piano tutors may offer this option. Sometimes a tutor goes to one student's house where they'll teach several students how to play the piano. This usually reduces the price.

This might be the perfect option for some who don't necessarily want to learn to play the piano all on their own and could benefit from the motivation of learning with your friends. Group classes can also be a good option for those families and friends looking to learn something new together. Although with group lessons, each student gets less time with their instructor, and for higher levels of piano, this may not be the best option.

A group class usually means that each student would not have to pay as much per hour of lessons. The tutor can also earn more money with a group class for hours. It's a solution that can benefit everyone. The tutor benefits from teaching several students while only filling up one hour of his timetable.

You can also save money by learning the piano with online private tutorials. Your tutor can teach you how to play via webcam. You need an internet connection, and this option can save you some money on travel.

If you hire a private tutor or music teacher on Superprof, there is an opportunity to save money on an introductory lesson! Some of our tutors offer free piano lessons for the first hour of tuition, so students who want to learn to play can see if the piano is indeed the right instrument for them; and also allows you to see if the tutor is right for you.

A private tutor will help create an individualised piano course for you at any level, beginner, intermediate, or advanced piano. So whether you want to focus on improvisation, classical piano techniques or jazz, learning to read music or mastering sight-reading, or a bit of ear training, private tutors can help you understand and master the piano. Private tutors can also be great with specific goals like passing Conservatory exams, or awkward schedules.

How to Learn the Piano by Yourself

If you consider learning the piano or teaching your child, chances are you want to save on piano learning costs. So many perks come with hiring a piano tutor. Most of them are irresistible. But in your quest to save on the cost of learning the piano, you may decide to learn the piano yourself.

But can you learn piano by yourself?

It's possible! Although it may take longer, your learning speed might be slower than when you learn from an expert.

Do you know that playing the piano requires both physical and mental strength? You will learn to memorize 88 keys and deal with 45000 pounds of tension. However, all the effort is worth it once you begin to produce beautiful sounds and sing sonorously alongside.

You may choose to hire a piano teacher right away after making some progress in your studies. Notwithstanding, the best place to start your piano learning journey is at home. Learn piano by yourself with these proven tricks.

If you want to learn how to play the piano but don't know where to start, there is no need to worry. The only things you need to teach yourself are a piano for regular practice and the willingness to learn. Just as with learning any other skill, you have to commit yourself to regular practice and the determination to learn piano playing, notwithstanding the challenges.

  • The first step is to buy a piano for yourself

If you are working with a tight budget, we advise you to research the different types of piano and determine the best one that will suit your purpose and budget.

You can also look online for deals, discounts and other offers.

If you don't want to buy a piano right away, you can check popular music stores in your town. Most of them may have pianos for rent. The fees are usually minimal and affordable. This may be a perfect option until you are ready to get your piano.

A keyboard is an excellent alternative if you can't get a piano. They have lots of sounds and features similar to the piano. They are portable and don't consume much space in your home. You can always upgrade to a piano later.

  • Familiarize yourself with your instrument

Now that you have a piano or a keyboard, it's time to get used to the features. Learn proper hand positioning. Try to make a sound with each finger and compare the sounds they produce. You want to develop good hand posture initially, don't you?

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada? | Superprof (104)

By learning the "C" position, you will always train your arms and hands to maintain the right position. Proper positioning of the arms and hands is necessary to avoid repetitive stress injury.

  • Set a practical goal

Do you want to learn the piano? What is your end goal? What material will you focus on? What favorite song did you picture yourself playing before a crowd of cheerful supporters before you decided to learn the piano?

Since you are just starting to learn the piano, it would be unrealistic to focus on long term goals. Therefore, you will be better off splitting these goals into smaller bits of objectives that you could easily achieve within a month.

  • Start practicing with your fingers

Now that you have gotten your basics, it's time to train your fingers. Again, practising what you are learning will teach them to know the right keys to punch without fumbling.

If you are learning piano for beginners, it's essential to know that fingering is vital.

Since you are teaching yourself how to play the piano, your knowledge of the instrument will eventually be limited by the strength of your research.

The more you research and practice, the more you will discover other important things about the piano.

And as you progress in your studies, you may see the need to start playing with others. For example, you could ask an experienced player if they would like to play with you.

Ensure you learn from their tactics and strategies as you play with them. And eventually, you will learn the piano by yourself.

So whatever level, goal or motivation for taking piano lessons, it's now easier and more accessible! Knowing what to look for and how much you may be expected to pay for classes will help you find the perfect tutor to help you learn this magnificent instrument! You'll be playing your favourite piano pieces in no time!!!

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